Emergency dentistry in San Jose

What is a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is any oral health condition that requires immediate attention to alleviate severe pain, stop ongoing tissue bleeding, or save a tooth. Our emergency dentist in San Jose provides swift and compassionate care, ensuring your comfort while addressing these urgent needs with expert precision. We're committed to delivering prompt responses and personalized treatment plans in times of crisis.

emergency dentist in San Jose

The benefits of prompt emergency dental care

Swift Pain Relief

One immediate benefit of prompt emergency dental care is rapid alleviation of pain. A quick response can ease discomfort and prevent it from escalating, providing much-needed relief.

Prevention of Further Damage

Timely intervention can halt the progression of dental issues, preventing further damage. This proactive approach safeguards your oral health and potentially saves you from more extensive treatments.

Peace Of Mind

The uncertainty surrounding a dental emergency can be stressful. Immediate care not only addresses physical discomfort but also provides peace of mind, knowing your health is in good hands.

What to do in a dental emergency


Keep Calm and Assess the Situation

In the midst of a dental emergency, it's crucial to stay calm. Panicking won't help; instead, take a deep breath and try to assess the situation. Identify what's causing discomfort or pain - is it an injury, lost filling, or sudden toothache?


Reach Out to Your San Jose Dentist Immediately

Once you've identified your issue, get on the phone with us right away. At Bittner Family Dental Group, we always have team members on call to help guide you through your emergency and provide prompt care if needed. Call your San Jose dentist right away.


Apply First Aid as Necessary

While waiting for professional help, apply basic first aid if necessary. This might include rinsing your mouth with warm salt water if you're experiencing pain or applying gauze to stop any bleeding from an injury.

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Emergency care when you need it most

Same-day appointments

In life's most unpredictable moments, we're here for you. Our same-day appointments ensure that immediate, high-quality care is always within your reach. Don't let health concerns linger; get the expert attention you deserve right when you need it.

After-hours appointments

Health emergencies don't clock out at 5 PM - and neither do we. Our after-hours services are designed to provide exceptional care when traditional office hours simply won't do. Rest easy knowing that professional care is available beyond the nine-to-five.

Weekend appointments

We understand your weekdays may be packed with commitments leaving no room for sudden health issues. That's why our weekend appointments are available, ensuring access to top-notch healthcare doesn’t have to wait until Monday rolls around again.

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