We help our patients achieve and maintain life changing smiles, whether it’s taking care of a dental emergency, conducting a general cleaning, or providing a total smile makeover with veneers, Invisalign®, or implants. 


1000+ Invisalign® cases successfully completed. 


13,500+ dental implants successfully placed.

Cosmetic Dentistry

12,000+ veneer units successfully placed.

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We're Here for You

Our practice is built around delivering our patients the highest standard of care.  We’ve invested in the latest technologies and the most experienced and highly trained team members.

But it’s not about what or who we have, it’s about how we do it.  We listen to our patients.  We know our patients.  We treat our patients like family. 

  • Our patients want to know their choices; we provide a comprehensive view of all treatment plan options

  • Our patients are busy, we offer flexible appointments and we run on time

  • To keep expenses manageable for patients, we built our in-house lab which reduces the cost for a large portion of our crowns, veneers, etc.

  • We work with our patients to ensure they get the most value from their dental benefits

  • We offer our patients all available anxiety reducing options from using the latest relaxation technologies, oral anti-anxiety medications, sedation medications and even in-house general anesthesia

  • We help patients avoid shots of Lidocaine by using dental lasers which even does away with the irritating drilling sounds

  • We show our patients digitally what their bites and smiles will look like by using dental imaging technologies

  • For patients who choose Invisalign, we have an orthodontist oversee treatment

  • For patients needing dental implants we have an on-site surgery center and our own board certified oral surgeon, Dr. Jerry Mancuso

Our patients want the best possible care available, we not only deliver, but we hand hold them every step of the way!  In the end, it’s about results, and for us that means smiling, healthy, and happy patients.