Dental Implants in San Jose

What is a dental implant?

Implant dentistry represents the pinnacle of modern dental care, offering a durable and natural-looking solution for missing teeth. Dental implants consist of a titanium post that acts as an artificial root, an abutment, and a restoration, such as a dental crown, that looks and functions just like a natural tooth. Your San Jose dentist prioritizes your comfort and satisfaction, ensuring each step of the process is tailored to your unique needs. Trust us to restore your radiant smile with utmost precision and care. 

dental implants San Jose

The benefits of dental implants

Restored Confidence

Dental implants not only improve your smile but also boost your self-esteem. With a full set of pearly whites, you can laugh, speak, and eat with renewed confidence.

Enhanced Oral Health

Unlike other dental procedures, implants don't require reducing other teeth. This ensures more of your original teeth are left intact, significantly improving long-term oral health.

Durability and Convenience

Dental implants are designed to last many years or even a lifetime if properly cared for. They eliminate the inconvenience of removing dentures and dealing with messy adhesives.

The dental implant treatment process


Initial Consultation

Your dental implant journey begins with a consultation and exam. This is where your dentist in San Jose assesses your oral health, discusses your dental goals, and determines if you're a suitable candidate for dental implants. It's also an opportunity for you to ask any questions about the procedure.


Treatment Planning & Preparation

Once approved for treatment, we move onto the planning stage. Here, using advanced imaging technology, we map out precise implant placement to ensure optimal results. This step is crucial as it lays the foundation for successful implant integration and longevity.


Implant Placement

The third step involves surgically placing the titanium implant into your jawbone - acting as a new root for your replacement tooth or teeth. While this may sound daunting, rest assured that our skilled professionals prioritize patient comfort throughout every stage of treatment.

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Types of dental implants

Single-tooth implants

Restore your smile's natural beauty with a single-tooth implant. Designed to blend seamlessly with your existing teeth, these durable, high-quality implants provide the perfect solution for a missing tooth.

Implant-supported bridges

Bid farewell to larger gaps in your smile with our implant-supported bridges. Offering enhanced stability and durability, these bridges are anchored by robust dental implants for a confident and radiant smile.

Implant-retained dentures

Experience the comfort of a secure fit with our removable implant-retained dentures. These innovative solutions are anchored by several implants to offer an improved chewing ability and speech clarity compared to traditional dentures.

All-on-X full-arch implant restorations

Transform your oral health landscape completely with All-on-X full-arch fixed implant restorations. This revolutionary procedure replaces all teeth in one arch using just four to six dental implants, ensuring optimal functionality and aesthetics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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