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Home Sleep Testing

We offer a home sleep test as an option for our patients that feel they are not getting enough good quality of sleep. Our sleep test unit allows the patient to do the test in their own home where they are most comfortable and most in their natural state.

We believe in treating the entire body as many dental issues are also related to what is going on medically with patients. A thorough medical history intake and screening for sleep disorders is a priority for the overall health and wellbeing of our patients.

Common symptoms: Snoring and excessive sleepiness, lack of energy and fatigue are the most common signs of a possible sleep disorder. 40% of adults over 40 years of age snore. Other sleep disorder symptoms include High blood pressure, Acid reflux or GERDHigh blood pressure, Acid reflux or GERD, Headaches, Sexual dysfunction, Diabetes, Clenching and grinding of teeth, and Dental problems. Other sleep disorder risk factors include Alcohol, Sedatives, Smoking, and Obesity.

Patient screening:

Complimentary initial consultation to review treatment options

screening evaluation

Patient questionnaires

Pharyngometer—Used to measure the airway

Rhinometer—Used to determine if the nasal passages are blocked

Home Sleep Study:

Unit prepared and fit at the office, Sleep test at home 2-3 nights, Unit returned, Sleep test results uploaded and reviewed by sleep physician, Results review by Dr Bittner and team, Consultation to review sleep study test results

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