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Patient Invisalign Questions

Following is a sample of the questions we get from patients. These questions are typically asked of patients prior to getting Invisalign. If you have questions that you don’t see below, please don’t hesitate to call our office and ask for one of our Invisalign coordinators, they will be glad to help.

Frequently Asked Invisalign Questions

We put together some of our most asked Invisalign questions. We believe there is no such thing as a silly question. We want our Invisalign patients to be free to ask any question they want. Following are the questions we answer below, if you have any questions not listed below, please give us a call, we’d be glad to help you.

Does it matter what time of day you change out your Invisalign trays?

This question is similar to a very commonly asked question, “Do I need to wait a full 2 weeks before I start my next Invisalign aligner tray?” The simple answer is, wear your Invisalign aligners as you are instructed. Each aligner is designed to move your teeth based on wearing them for 20-22 hours per day for 14 days. We monitor the movement of your teeth very closely and will tell you whether or not you can wear your aligners for fewer days than originally planned.

In regards to what time you change your trays, we advise keeping it consistent and preferably changing in the evening.

Wearing aligners for 20-22 hours per day is your key to straightening with Invisalign. We believe patients who have all of their Invisalign questions answered in a timely manner are more likely to consistently wear their aligners for the required 20-22 hours.

We pride ourselves on helping our patients understand everything they want or need to know about Invisalign and it shows. We’ve helped more than 1,000 of our patients with Invisalign and have seen a 100% success rate. DISCLAIMER: Those 1,000 plus patients wore their aligners as instructed, consistently for 20-22 hours per day.

Please give us a call (408) 247-8080 or send us an email to with any or all of your Invisalign questions. If you live or work in the Silicon Valley and have an interest in Invisalign call us for your complimentary consultation and learn how you can save more than $1,500 with our “Share Your Experience” promotion, we are here to help.

Do your teeth move back if you don't wear your aligner or retainer?

“Do your teeth move back if you don’t wear your aligner or retainer?” The simple answer is yes. Teeth shift every day, which is one of the reasons we can so quickly and successfully move your teeth with Invisalign. Your teeth are very mobile and will relapse very fast if you stop wearing your aligner or retainer.

If you are unable to wear your retainers for any reason, we want to know so we can proactively help you to ensure the right aligners are being worn at the right time for the right number of days. We recognize that “life happens” and things don’t always go as planned.

If you have questions about teeth movement or Invisalign in general, please give us a call (408) 247-8080. We have successfully delivered more than 1,000 new Invisalign smiles, we are here to help.

Will I experience any bleeding from wearing the Invisalign aligners?

We’ve heard patients ask “Will I experience any bleeding from the aligners?” and our answer is always the same... No, you should not experience any bleeding. If for some reason you do experience bleeding, there is a problem, please contact our office immediately (408) 247-8080. We’ve successfully delivered more than 1,000 Invisalign cases and under no situation should bleeding occur.

Will people notice my Invisalign aligners?

Most people will not notice your Invisalign aligners. We have over 1,000 patients who have successfully completed their Invisalign treatments and never has anyone complained that people could see their aligners.

Will the Invisalign aligners give me a bad taste in my mouth?

Wearing aligner does not leave a bad taste in your mouth. We've had a handful of patients (out over more than 1,000 patients) who made comments about the aligners leaving a "bad" taste which was easily fixed. Better cleaning of the aligners.

Most patients are more than comfortable keeping their aligners cleaned by brushing them the same time they brush their teeth, others prefer to prefer to buy additional cleaning aids for their aligners. It's really up to you on what works. When you keep your aligners clean they will leave no taste. If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to call our office and ask for one of our Invisalign counselors, they are here to help you. You can reach us at our Saratoga office by calling (408) 247-8080.

What happens if I quit wearing my Invisalign aligners during treatment?

When you choose Invisalign you are making a commitment to wear your aligners 22-24 hours a day for the duration of your treatment, whether that is 6 or 12 months. Stopping treatment will result in your teeth's movement shifting back and most likely when you are ready to begin again we will have to restart the treatment, often requiring new aligners at an additional cost. Our advice is stick with it, it's worth it!

Will I need cleaner for my aligners?

Needling cleaner is more of a personal preference than a requirement. We have many patients who diligently brush their aligners each time they brush their teeth, this seems to do the job and keeps aligners clean. If you are looking for additional help we do carry the Invisalign Cleaning System and Cleaning Crystals. It really comes down to your preference, our suggestion is to try brushing first and if you decide you want more then pick up the cleaner.

Can I eat or drink with my trays in?

We strongly recommend that you take your aligners out when drinking or eating, this will keep food or plaque from building up on the inside of your aligners. When drinking anything other than water, please be sure to remove your aligners to avoid any potential staining and keep them clean. It's easy, you'll see.

How long does it take to get aligners after being scanned?

We use the latest Invisalign technology to digitally scan your mouth and we submit that image online directly to Invisalign to have your aligners custom made. Prior to the production of your aligners both Dr. Bittner and Dr. Eberle, our orthodontist, review and approve the Invisalign design. From scan to delivery is approximately 3 week.

Can I swap out aligners every week instead of every 2 weeks?

To ensure a healthy outcome it is important that you follow our direction on when to change out your aligners. Each treatment plan is unique to the individual patient and to the desired result of the Invisalign treatment. We will provide you with a thorough review of your plan including how much movement we expect and whether you'll be changing your aligners once a week or every 2 weeks. Following your individual plan will get you the straight smile you desire.

Will I lose weight while I'm wearing aligners?

There is definitely some truth about wearing Invisalign leading to weight loss. The process of removing your aligners before eating or drinking makes you more aware of your daily intake. We've seen this awareness lead to healthier eating habits through the avoidance of sugary substances and the reduction in daily snacking. It's really dependent upon the individual, the aligners certainly don't get in the way of you eating but they can be a great aid if you are looking for some dieting support.

What do you do with the old trays?

When you come in for your Invisalign check-ups bring your old aligners with you so we can physically inspect if they are wearing in any areas they shouldn't, it's just one more checkpoint to ensure the best outcome for you.

I can't give up coffee, what do I do?

There are many people who can't give up their coffee so don't feel bad about it. We strongly recommend that you do drink your coffee without your aligners and after you're done either brush, floss and rinse or at a minimum drink some water and swish it around to help remove potential particles and stains left by the coffee. One of the things our patients love is the flexibility in wearing their Invisalign, so go ahead, drink your coffee, just be diligent in your cleaning afterward.

Do the trays ever tear or break?

We've provided over 1,000 patients with successful Invisalign smiles and in all of those cases we have not had any aligners break or tear. Invisalign's rigorous quality control process paired with the right training and education on how to put on and take off your aligners make any tearing or breaking almost an impossibility. FYI... We have seen aligners used as chew toys by pets, so please keep them out of reach of your favorite furry friend.

If I can't wear the aligners for a few days is that bad?

The short answer is yes if you can’t wear your aligners for a few days that will allow for your teeth to begin moving back. If you are already undergoing Invisalign treatment and you either miss or are going to miss wearing your aligners give us a call so we can assess your situation and give you the most appropriate guidance.

When you are making your decision between Invisalign vs braces a key determining factor of which teeth straightening option will work best for you is your commitment to wearing your aligners. If you are unwilling or unable to wear your Invisalign aligners 20-22 hours per day then you are probably more suited to braces vs Invisalign.

Do I need to brush my teeth more often when wearing aligners?

We strongly recommend that you brush after every meal when wearing aligners, this will help keep your aligners clean and teeth healthy.

Do the attachments ever pop off your teeth?

Many of our patients go through their entire treatment without losing any attachments, however, there are a few patients where the attachments have come off, usually because of extreme grinding or an unforeseen mishap.. If an attachment ever does pop off, please call us and we can assess whether you should come in to the office at that time or wait until your next Invisalign check.

How many trays am I going to need?

Until we do an Invisalign consult we can't accurately predict how many trays you will need. Every person is unique and the more movement required the more trays you'll need. Give us a call and we'd be glad to set up a complimentary consultation.

Do I really need to wear my aligner every day?

The best thing about Invisalign... It's a proven technology that works. The key factor that predicts success is your ability to consistently wear your aligners for 20-22 hours per day, every day, for the duration of your treatment. If you don't believe you can make this commitment we recommend braces as your teeth straightening alternative. If you can commit, and most of our patients do, the results will make you smile.

Is wearing aligners painful?

Each Invisalign tray is custom designed for you, there may be some discomfort when you start wearing your aligners but that will go away quickly. If you experience pain please call our office immediately, this is not an expected occurrence when wearing aligners.

Is it hard to take the aligners on and off?

We will provide you with hands-on instruction of how to put on and remove your aligners. At first, you may find it challenging but after a few times you'll be a pro at taking your aligners on and off.

Do I need to wear a retainer when treatment is finished?

To keep your new smile straight, you will need to wear a retainer at night to keep your teeth from shifting back. We provide you with a complimentary retainer at the conclusion of your Invisalign treatment.

Can I whiten while I wear aligners?

One of the benefits of the Invisalign trays are their perfect fit to the gum line. This custom fit allows for whitening to be done while you straighten and without irritating your gums. We provide complimentary take-home whitening kits at every Invisalign check-in. We love that you can whiten while you straighten.

Does Invisalign change my gum line?

Invisalign won't directly address how your gums look when you smile, however, once your Invisalign treatment is complete, there are options available depending on what it is you want to change. We recommend bringing this to our attention prior to starting an Invisalign treatment so you understand completely what is and isn't addressed by Invisalign.

What are buttons?

Buttons are tiny nobs that may be required to keep your Invisalign aligners in place. Each person is different so one person may require more buttons while you require only two or three. A button is also what people call an attachment.

I have a party tomorrow, can I drink red wine?

Lucky you and enjoy your party! Wearing Invisalign does not mean giving up your social life. Go to your party and have fun. VERY IMPORTANT: If you take your aligner out at the party, be sure to put it in your carrying case. Do not wrap it in a napkin, the odds are after a few drinks it gets tossed out.

Try and limit the amount of time you keep your aligners out. Remember, your aligners will stain easily, especially with red wine, so be sure to brush your teeth and your aligners well at the end of the night. Drink lots of water to help you stay hydrated and minimize potential dry mouth. Now get out there and enjoy yourself!

Will my tongue feel weird from the aligners?

Aligners will not make your tongue feel weird, however, like any foreign matter in your mouth, your tongue will want to investigate their new neighbor. This "exploration" will quickly go away.

Will I have a lisp?

When first wearing your aligners you may experience a bit of a lisp, but with some practice, this will go away rather quickly. We've found that most people are extremely critical of themselves and they notice a lisp that others don't.

When will I notice my teeth moving?

You will definitely notice movement in your teeth, some people see movement sooner than others. The time frame for you to see movement in your teeth depends on the complexity and amount of straightening required. You will definitely see movement within the first few aligner trays.

I lost my retainer what do I do?

Fortunately we have all of your records digitally and we can always order you a new retainer. If you haven't worn your retainer for a while before notifying us you need a new one we may recommend doing a scan to ensure there has not been too much negative movement. There will be a fee for ordering a lost retainer.

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