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Dental x-rays are a crucial part of diagnosing dental decay, gum disease and abnormalities. Without the assistance of dental x-rays, the doctor would be doing a diagnosis based solely on what the naked eye can see.

At Bittner Family Dental Group, we are completely digital using digital sensors in the mouth as well as the hand-held digital x-ray unit. Digital dental x-rays have extremely low doses of radiation, producing just a fraction of what you are exposed to in other imaging procedures. A routine examination with four bitewing x-rays exposes you to roughly the same amount of radiation you will experience during one to two hours on an airplane.

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We use dental x rays for adults to diagnostically determine issues that are otherwise nearly invisible to the naked eye. Adults receive dental x-rays so we can better identify and treat various issues. Without an x-ray, many of these problems could go undiagnosed. Using these x-rays, we can see:

  • Fractured, chipped, or cracked teeth
  • Areas of decay, including those in between teeth or under a filling
  • Bone loss associated with gum disease
  • Abscesses, which are infections at the root of the tooth or between the tooth and gum
  • Tumors and or abnormalities
  • Changes in existing root canals


Many of our parents are concerned about the impact of dental x-rays on children. As children’s jaws and teeth are continuously changing, it’s important to keep an eye on their development. X-rays perform many important purposes for young patients. They help our doctors to:

  • Identify decay and gum disease early
  • Make sure the mouth is large enough to accommodate incoming teeth
  • Monitor the development of wisdom teeth
  • Determine whether primary teeth are loosening properly to accommodate new permanent teeth

It’s important for children to visit us regularly, and to get x-rays as recommended by our providers. The exact schedule for these x-rays will vary depending on the child’s individual needs. We believe that early dental care for children leads to lifelong healthy dental habits and prevents the need for more invasive treatment.


Pregnant women are generally advised to avoid dental x-rays. Though the radiation is minimal, it’s best to avoid all exposure when possible for the health of the developing fetus. For this reason, it’s important to tell us if you are or may be pregnant.

However, there are some instances when pregnant women should still have dental x-rays performed. If you have a dental emergency or are in the middle of a dental treatment plan, you may still need x-rays during your pregnancy. Discuss the issue with us to determine the best way to proceed. It’s crucial that you balance both your dental and prenatal health. Women with periodontal disease are at a higher risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes, you shouldn’t neglect your teeth and gums during pregnancy.

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