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At Bittner Family Dental Group we have over 20 years of smile design experience helping 100’s of people literally change their lives.

Dr. Andre Chevalier talks about his “Smile Makeover”

“He showed me the possibilities today’s technology in dentistry offers.”

Being an athlete all my life and playing so many different sports, I got my share of severe and minor injuries. Among those the most traumatic one was when I injured my lower jaw and broke my lower front teeth. I had them fixed but I was always conscious of the way they looked and on top of all that I hated the fact that when I was smiling, I did not show any teeth. All my life I envied other people with long, white teeth who when smiling lighten up their whole face.

I wasn’t aware of the options available to me until I talked to my dentist, Dr. Gerald Bittner. He showed me the possibilities today’s technology in dentistry offers and I was very excited about what I saw. I thought I had to live with my short, yellow and worn down teeth for the rest of my life, not to mention the terrible looking crowns that I had done to fix my broken teeth.

I’ve always wanted a full, white smile instead of my chipped and uneven teeth. After going through my smile make over, the outcome far exceeded my expectations… and my world was changed.

My friends and family and even in my practice, my patients, have all noticed me smile more and more these days. I have more confidence to show my bright smile and enjoy life more than ever before. My smile make over has made an immense difference in my reaction with people and has made me a more sociable person. My bright white new smile is what I’ve always felt I should have been born with.

Yours truly,

Dr. Andre Chevalier

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