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    Major Advances in Dental Technology

    Dental technology has made some major advances over the years, helping reduce the amount of time our patients spend in the chair and making for an overall better dental experience.

    The iTero Solution

    Using iTero™, we take a highly accurate digital impression for your crown or bridge area, completely eliminating the uncomfortable tray and putty impression. What’s more, iTero technology all but guarantees a perfect fit for your new crown or bridge, so you spend less time in the chair and more time enjoying your new smile!

    Some of the benefits you can expect with an iTero impression:

    Comfort: If you have ever had a conventional impression taken, you know just how uncomfortable the process is. The putty is messy, tastes extremely unpleasant, and in many patients can cause gagging. With iTero, the only thing that touches your teeth is the tip of a hand-held wand.

    Greater Speed: The digital impression is complete in approximately three to five minutes.

    Reduced Anxiety: The scanner is a compact, hand-held wand. Once we begin the scanning process, it can be stopped and started as many times as necessary. You’ll never be stuck with a mouth full of goop!

    Accuracy: The iTero digital impression system creates an exact replica of what is in your mouth. This results in a more accurate fitting crown or bridge.

    Digital X-Rays

    Digital x-rays are one of the most recent updates in dental radiography; it allows us to take x-rays with up to 90% reduced exposure to the patient. The quality of the image allows the doctors to diagnose and see things much more clearly and therefore gives us an improved diagnostic tool. We are proud to be completely digital allowing for reduced radiation exposure to our patients. This process eliminates the need for caustic chemicals and is also much better for the environment.

    Lava 3D Dental Scanner

    Having dental impressions made is now a quick simple process causing no discomfort to the patient. The Lava Chairside 3D Dental Scanner is a clean and convenient way to obtain high quality dental impressions using the latest technological breakthroughs. And this is a technology and product that has been tested and proven to be both highly accurate, fast and completely safe.

    A wand is about the size of an electric toothbrush and glides over the teeth with no discomfort to the patient while capturing a continuous 3D video image. The results are extremely accurate and allow for a more detailed analysis of dental problems so that both diagnosis and treatment are more comfortable and effective. Because the image is ready in a matter of minutes both the dentist and the patient can observe any problems and examine treatment alternatives.

    Intraoral Photographs

    Intraoral photographs are those taken of the inside of the mouth using a special camera. Among the primary uses of intraoral photographs is capturing the condition of a patient when a problem is diagnosed.

    The photographs can be seen in real time on a monitor or be printed out as hard copies, allowing patients to see for themselves what the dentist sees, allowing them to better understand the dentist’s advice on treatment options. Specialized intraoral cameras come with disposable probes or probe covers to ensure that germs are not passed between patients.


    Cavities are not always readily apparent and can be difficult to diagnose, especially if they are on the back of the teeth and other difficult to see areas. Diagnodent is a safe and harmless laser that uses fluorescent light to scan for cavities. When a cavity is found, the light that bounces back to the sensor is of a different wavelength and this is displayed on a digital readout. The larger the cavity the greater the wavelength deviation and the higher the readout. An audio signal ensures that no cavity is missed.

    With Diagnodent it is possible to detect cavities very early and begin treatment in the initial stages. This makes the treatment more conservative and rapid and also prevents any further damage from occurring. The chances of being able to retain the natural tooth are also increased.

    Therophypan X-ray

    The X-ray (radiograph) is one of the most useful tools in dentistry. Different types of X-rays are used for different purposes. One of the most important types of dental X-ray is the panoramic or pan X-ray. While other types of X-rays give the dentist a detailed view of a specific part of the mouth, a panoramic one will provide a view of the entire mouth in one X-ray.

    These X-rays are mainly used to plan for dental implants, detect problems of the jaw and to check on impacted wisdom teeth although there are many other applications. A pan X-ray is taken by using a special X-ray machine that moves around the head and takes one continuous image. As in the case of other X-rays, panoramic radiographs emit very little radiation and are completely safe.

    Identafi 3000

    Oral cancer is growing at the rate of 11% per year and has a very high mortality rate. While a standard dental checkup includes a screening for oral cancer, the disease is very difficult to spot in its early stages – the time when treatment is most effective.

    Identafi 3000 uses Multi-Spectral Fluorescence and Reflectance technology for enhanced visibility of any abnormalities and discoloration that may be the early signs of oral cancer. Identafi is different from other technologies that use fluorescence to detect cancer in that it uses three distinct color wavelengths, each of which shows the oral tissue in a different manner so that the chances of missing a symptom a kept to a bare minimum. With Identafi 3000 we are more confident in our diagnosis and recommendation for further testing and treatment if deemed necessary.

    Laser Dentistry

    Periodontal disease is the primary cause of bone and tooth loss. An infection forms deep pockets where bacteria grow and damage the teeth and supporting structures. Traditional surgical techniques are effective but new surgical techniques utilizing lasers offer some advantages.

    Among the many benefits are less pain and discomfort, faster recovery, sterilization of unhealthy tissue and bacteria, stimulation of the cells to help regenerate damaged areas faster, reduction in bone loss, reduced chances of a recurrence of the problem and much more. For patients who are unwilling to undergo the stress and discomfort or traditional dental surgery, laser treatment offers a more than acceptable alternative. And even those who are willing to accept traditional surgery will find that the laser option offers them better and longer lasting results.


    While the use of lasers in dentistry has been growing over the years, the advent of WaterLase, a high speed water energizing laser that results in safe, effective, dental therapy has become a landmark in dental technology. WaterLase cuts through enamel without heat or vibration and also reduces the risk of cross contamination.

    Most importantly for the patient, WaterLase uses an air/water spray that offers painless treatment. No anesthetic is required which eliminates the discomfort of injections prior to commencing the treatment. The absence of anesthetic also means that the recovery time is faster and the patient will be able to resume normal activities more rapidly than with conventional treatments. WaterLase is also very effective on gums, bone and skin as it is more precise and causes less bleeding than a scalpel. An added advantage is that healing is typically expedited.

    PX3 Custom Mouthwear

    The PX3 Physiological PowerBite mouthpiece properly aligns and places the patients jaw into the proper position. The jaw position has a direct and profound impact on the patients entire physiology (breathing, posture, muscle, nerve and joint function).

    The PX3 Custom mouthwear increases:

  1. Power
  2. Oxygen Intake
  3. Flexibility
  4. Core Stability
  5. Heart Rate
  6. Variability
  7. Head control during sports activities, helping to prevent the head jarring that can lead to concussions
  8. Who can benefit from this type of mouthwear:

  9. Anyone
  10. Athletes
  11. People of all ages that engage in sporting activities
  12. Teen sports teams
  13. During work outs
  14. While driving
  15. Ask us today how the PX3 mouth guard can enhance your life through improved power, efficiency, performance and safety

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