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For those patients fortunate enough to have dental insurance we will work with you to maximize those benefits. You will be matched up with one of our team members to be your Dental Insurance Advocate, they will help you:

  • Submit your claim on your behalf for payment
  • Follow-up with the insurance company to ensure timely payment
  • Request a dental insurance pre-authorizations (when needed)
  • Navigate the sometimes challenging dental insurance network
  • Please recognize that it is your employer who chooses your dental plan coverage and plans vary from employer to employer, sometimes drastically. It is the insurance company who will dictate what is and isn’t covered. It is your responsibility to make payment for any reimbursements not paid for by your insurance company.

    We ask that you:

    1. 1. Inform us immediately if there is any change in your insurance coverage
    2. 2. Understand and pay your dental coverage co-payment(s) at each visit
    3. 3. Understand that you are responsible for portions not covered by your dental insurance and this may include deductible, co-pay, coinsurance, UCR or non-covered services according to your plan provisions
    4. 4. Monitor your dental coverage limits and recognize when payment will need to be made out-of-pocket

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