Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic bonding is a great quick fix. We place plastic tooth colored bonding material to your tooth, only where needed. As with any plastic type of material, these restorations can discolor, chip and wear away, so additional care may be required. This treatment will certainly help dress up your smile.


In just two pain-free visits you can have a whole new smile. We can change the size, shape and color of your teeth.  Your veneers and full porcelain crowns are fabricated in our on-site ceramic studio.  Your ultra-custom temporaries literally allow you to “test-drive” your new smile. This is smile design at its best!

Soft Tissue Laser

Sometimes a smile makeover, redesign or upgrade needs more than veneers and porcelain.  We often re-contour and reshape the gum, through a non-surgical procedure, using a soft tissue laser.  This tissue reshaping is the final touch-up to your new smile.

The soft tissue lasers provide you with a better post-operative result and quicker healing with less post-operative sensitivity.  The lasers allow us to clean, sterilize and desensitize the operative area while promotes healing.

Teeth Whitening

We have both in-office laser and at home bleaching whitening options.  Our at home option, Day White® and Nite White®, both use a properly fitted mouth tray.  Our most popular and quickest method, Zoom® whitening, is an in-office laser whitening, perfect for instant results.

Before we help you choose what teeth whitening solution works best for you, we require a check-up before you brighten-up.  We do this to ensure you are in solid dental health and avoid any irritation that whitening products may exasperate.