Will Digital X-Rays Expose You to Fewer Units of Radiation?

Digital X Ray San Jose, CA

It is no secret that technology has improved greatly over the years, and that holds to be true even in dentistry. One of the emerging dental technologies is the digital x-ray, which offers an array of benefits, including significantly less exposure to radiation. Outlined below is a quick overview of digital x-rays in general dentistry, including what they are and how beneficial they can be due to their low exposure risk. 

Digital x-rays in general dentistry

Digital x-rays defined

Digital x-rays are images used in dentistry to determine the health of the oral cavity. X-rays capture all angles of the oral cavity, which can help identify infections, abnormalities or developmental patterns. 

Traditional x-rays rely on radiation and films, which can be seen as risky to some. With digital x-rays, however, the exposure risk is low due to the electronic sensors that capture the images. Once captured through the electronic sensor, the images are immediately ready to view on the connected computer. 

Radiation exposure

Digital x-rays reduce exposure to radiation by up to 90%, which is astronomical compared to traditional x-rays. Radiation is the emission of energy via waves and it is known to have long-term negative effects on the body. Traditional x-rays are said to produce higher amounts of radiation, which causes anxiety for some. 

Other things to know

It is important to know that digital x-rays do still emit very low amounts of radiation. While they can reduce exposure risk by up to 90%, there is still that 10%. However, research has proven that such small amounts are harmless to the body when exposure occurs on a rare basis. X-rays of any kind are usually not needed more than once a year unless there is a dental condition that requires an in-depth examination. 


A lot of women are hesitant to visit the dentist when they are pregnant, especially if x-rays are required. The radiation can negatively affect pregnancy, which is why most women shy away from dental care for nine months. However, with digital x-rays, there is little to no radiation exposure, which makes it possible to safely visit the dentist for routine care, preventive care or condition-related care. 

Another advantage of digital x-rays is that they do not take as long to view. Traditional x-rays have to be developed, which can be time-consuming. Digital x-rays, on the other hand, can be viewed immediately, as they are hooked up directly to the computer via electronic sensors. This shortens turnaround times, which makes for a quicker dental appointment. Additionally, because there is little to no radiation involved, there are no chemicals required to develop digital x-ray images. The same cannot be said for traditional x-rays. 

Find out more about digital x-rays

Individuals who want to learn more about digital x-rays should consult directly with a general dentist. Any questions or concerns about exposure risks or x-rays in general can be appropriately addressed. Reach out today to learn more or to get started with a consultation appointment. 

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