This is a lifetime* loyalty offer!  For only a $99 enrollment fee you get custom whitening trays and whitening gel ($350 if not enrolled in program).  Keep your smile bright and beautiful with touch-up whitening gel. Complimentary whitening gel (regularly $32) will be provided at each preventative visit.

Call us today (408) 247-8080 and ask about or schedule your VIP Loyalty Teeth Whitening session.

*Meeting program eligibility requirements are easy.  To remain on the program all you need to do is:

  1. Keep your hygiene preventative visits current (3, 4 or 6 months depends on your treatment plan)

  2. In the event you need to cancel a dental appointment you must provide at least 2 full business days notice, reschedule the appointment within 3 weeks and make that appointment on time.

If you fail to meet the program eligibility requirements and you wish to re-enroll in the program a $299 re-enrollment fee is required.

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