7 Dentists & Oral Surgeons: What You Need to Know About Dental Veneers

"What's the one piece of advice you provide prospective veneer patients selecting a cosmetic dentist?"  

Quality Cosmetic Dentistry

"One word, QUALITY!  You must find a cosmetic dentist who uses only the highest quality materials and has a long standing relationship with an experienced high-end lab (who actually make the custom veneers).  A quality dentist partnered with a quality lab using quality materials makes for a quality smile."

Dr. Susan Alcatraz-Bittner, DDS

Experienced Cosmetic Dentist

"For me, the most important selection criteria is experience.  How many veneers has he or she placed?  I want to see pictures of the completed work.  I want somebody who has been there and done that. I don't want any surprises."

Dr. Jerry Mancuso, DDS, MD

Married to your Cosmetic Dentist

"When you get veneers it's a lifelong commitment.  I like to think of it as if you are marrying your dentist.  Be sure you choose someone you can and will be able to work with for a very long time.  It's not just about the design and placement of the veneers but the ongoing care you receive that must be taken into consideration."

Dr. Gerald Bittner, Sr., DDS

Understand you Orthodontic Needs

"It's not just about the aesthetics and finding a dentist who can make you look good, but knowing your dentist understands your personal orthodontic requirements and makes you feel good too.  Typically, an Invisalign experienced dentist is a positive sign they will take a more rounded, holistic approach to creating a beautiful smile as well as ensuring you have a healthy, aligned and balanced bite."

Dr. Michele Bittner-Eberle, Orthodontist

Dental Smile Design

"Cosmetic dentistry is an art form and just as every artist has their own unique style so does a dentist when they design your veneers.  Be sure to understand your dentists style, see pictures of their work and ask to speak to patients who have had similar cases completed."

Dr. Nate Eberle, DDS, MD

Open Communications with your Dentist

"Choosing veneers is a life changing event. Understanding your options takes time and education.  Find a dentist who communicates well with you, makes you feel comfortable and takes the time to understand your wants and desires.  This is the one time you can legitimately say it's all about you, so make it all about you."

Dr. Jennifer Eitutis, DDS

Find a Dentist you Trust

"I love my family's and colleague's responses. They are all spot on.  My advice to patients seeking a dentist for veneers is to do your homework.  Remember, it's more than just about the veneers themselves, it's about choosing a dentist you trust who can get you the lifelong smile you want."

Dr. Gerald Bittner, Jr., DDS