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    Our consultations are always free:
  • Whitening
  • Veneers and cosmetic options
  • Invisalign/clear aligners
  • 2nd opinions
  • Sleep disorders
  • Implants
  • Full mouth reconstruction

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    Free happy visit for children under 5
  • Meet the team
  • Visit out children’s suite
  • Exam

*In order to qualify, please mention this coupon when scheduling your appointment.


Nu-Calm relaxation system

Nu-calm: No charge with any dental appointment. Allows the patient to relax into the first stage of sleep, helps to calm nerves and makes coming to the dentist an enjoyable experience. Nu-Calm Power Nap II-20 minute session: The newest technology in natural sleep solutions. Your session will feel longer than 20 minutes and the outcome will leave you feeling deeply restored and grounded, yet focused and ready.

Reg cost $125, Web special $79.

10% off

Laser treatment

Crowns and fillings: Laser decay removal is included in all cost of our fillings and crown treatment. Lasers are more conservative, removing just the decay and leaving good tooth structure resulting in reduce need for root canals. Laser treatment during fillings will increase the bond strength by approx. 50% and sterilizes the area to assist in prevent future decay. Crown placement: We always use the laser to reduce sensitivity prior to placing our permanent crowns. Gum treatment: Laser decontamination is used at no extra cost for our gum treatment and therapy appointments. This helps to prevent the need for gum surgery. Gum tissue recontouring: Helps to reduce the gummy smile to allow for more tooth structure to be revealed resulting in big, beautiful smile.

Web special, save 10% off treatment.


Invisalign and clear aligners

Free digital scan to preview your before and after smile

20% OFF

Dental Health Plan

Dental membership program to save on the cost of dental treatment, procedures and products

20% off treatment and 10% off products


Sleep disorders

Free evaluation & Free airway screen tests