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Bittner Family Dental Group is excited to welcome Uniform Teeth to our practice. Uniform Teeth is a team of expert orthodontists and talented software engineers who are committed to exceptional patient care, driving cutting-edge advancements in clear aligner technology, and delivering healthy, confident smiles to all.

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Experience The Uniform Teeth Difference

In-Person Care
Unlike their competitors, you’ll consult with one of their experienced orthodontists.

Uniform Lab Technology
Their patented technology can improve even the most challenging smile.

Smile Sooner
They are twice as fast as Invisalign and four times faster than traditional braces.

How It Works

  1. Free Consultation
    • Meet in-person with an expert orthodontist to create your personalized treatment plan.
  2. Align With Ease
    • Our app and precise tech allow patients to have fewer visits—so they have more time to do what they want.
  3. Smile On
    • It’s worth investing in a healthy, beautiful smile that will give you the confidence you deserve.

Clear and Transparent Pricing

Want to make treatment even more affordable? Uniform Teeth has options.

  • Pay with insurance
  • Use your FSA/HSA
  • Select a monthly payment plan

Real Results

Uniform Teeth can treat 99% of cases, unlike Smile Direct Club, or Candid.

If you're interested in learning more about how Bittner Family Dental Group and Uniform Teeth can help align your smile with your dreams, call us at 408-247-8080 today.

Before & After, Case 1

Improved bite functionality and realigned smile.

  • Class 2 bite correction.
  • Crossbite resolved.

Case 1

Before & After, Case 2

Drastically improved crossbite and alleviated patient's jaw discomfort.

  • Bite equilibration.
  • Crossbite correction.

Case 2

Before & After, Case 3

Achieved matching gum lines and eliminated edge-to-edge bite relationship.

  • Gingival margins aligned.
  • Ideal overjet achieved.

Case 3

Before & After, Case 4

Successfully rotated front teeth into alignment.

  • Improved overbite.
  • Consistent incisal edges.

Case 4

Before & After, Case 5

Achieved overjet from edge-to-edge bite relationship.

  • Eliminated dental cant.
  • Improved midlines.

Case 5

Before & After, Case 6

Improved bite relationship and crowding.

  • Resolved lower crowding.
  • Equilibrated bite.

Case 6

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