Root Canal

Root Canal

Why A Root Canal?

A root canal is used to repair and save a badly decaying or infected tooth. During a root canal treatment, the pulp and nerve are removed and the tooth’s insides are cleaned and sealed. Without treatment, the surrounding tissues of the tooth can become infected and abscesses could form.

Common symptoms requiring a root canal treatment:

  • Severe tooth pain that increases with the intake of hot liquids and normally relieved by cold water.
  • Pain aggravates when lying down and lessens when you sits up.
  • Pain tends to stay for a longer period of time after consuming cold things.
  • Tooth pain that wakes you up at night
  • Invariable tooth pain
  • Swelling around the tooth
  • Pain when chewing

At Bittner Family Dental Group we are committed to transforming the way you experience your dental procedure. We offer NU CALM, a new ‘all natural’ revolutionary system that quickly relaxes you before treatment without using controlled substances or narcotics. We then judge the extent of the root canal disease and treat it successfully while the patient is in a deep state of calm.