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Bittner Family Dental Group
Marissa F.

I cannot express how much I love the Bittner Dental Group. The entire staff is remarkable and the teams bedside manners were astounding. Each and every one of them personally checked on me to make sure I was comfortable during my procedures. Looks like I’ll be flying to California for all my dentist visits. My smile is ready for the holidays 🙂
Bittner Family Dental Group
Lara R.

I have been a patient at Bittner Family Dental group for two years. They have the latest and greatest technology, which really makes a difference when it comes to both dental cleaning and fillings/crowns/veneers. Gina is a fabulous hygienist! The ultrasonic warm water cleaning is such a welcome change from the traditional instrument cleaning my previous dentists used, and my teeth are so sparkly clean afterward. Dr Jen is my favorite dentist, she explains everything step-by-step. She is the best dentist I’ve ever had. At the front desk, Tom is very friendly and easy to work with. Although I was pretty bummed when they stopped being a Delta dental provider last year, it’s worth it to me to pay a little extra out of pocket to continue getting my dental care at Bittner Family Dental.
Bittner Family Dental Group
Tyler M.

If I could give them more stars I would. After my second visit, I made them my primary dentist. I have been going to the same dentist for 20 years prior, and I felt more at home at Bittner Family Dental Group. Dr. Bittner and his team are professional, welcoming, and highly knowledgeable. The technology they use makes cleaning/fillings a quick and easy process.
Bittner Family Dental Group
Brandon C.

Bittner Family Dental is amazing place to have your teeth well taken care of! I was offered a free cleaning during their “Freedom Day” event, in which veterans are allowed to have their teeth cleaned for free! Everyone was very kind, helpful, excited, and in an amazing mood. Stephanie did an outstanding job cleaning my teeth, and Dr. Bittner did an amazing job with the follow up exam. I can’t recommend a better, cleaner, or more friendly environment to be in for any dental needs! Thank you Bittner Family Dental Group for all of your help!
Bittner Family Dental Group
Judy V.

Seriously, the most professional, talented, compassionate people here! Dr. Bittner is at the top of his profession, and wields the latest technology knowledgeably and without discomfort! His veneers have lasted me 15 years without a problem. Gina, my Dental Hygienist is professional, thorough and fast, and the rest of the Staff, equally awesome! Always a pleasure to be greeted by Tom and see Narda. This is a real Team of Professionals, beginning to end.