The PX3 Physiological PowerBite mouthpiece properly aligns and places the patients jaw into the proper position. The jaw position has a direct and profound impact on the patients entire physiology (breathing, posture, muscle, nerve and joint function).

The PX3 Custom mouthwear increases:

  • Power
  • Oxygen Intake
  • Flexibility
  • Core Stability
  • Heart Rate
  • Variability
  • Head control during sports activities, helping to prevent the head jarring that can lead to concussions

Who can benefit from this type of mouthwear:

  • Anyone
  • Athletes
  • People of all ages that engage in sporting activities
  • Teen sports teams
  • During work outs
  • While driving

Ask us today how the PX3 mouth guard can enhance your life through improved power, efficiency, performance and safety