Dental Experience Matters

Bittner Family Dental Group is coming up quickly on it's 50 year anniversary.  In the early years, it was Dr. Gerald Bittner, Sr.. followed quickly by Dr. Susan Alcarez-Bittner and then by Dr. Gerald Bittner, Jr.  It's been more than 15 years since Dr Bittner, Jr.'s parents have retired but he continues the strong tradition that was been instilled by his parents... providing an uncompromising level of patient care.

Dr. Bittner, Jr. knows to consistently deliver on this level of care he must keep his staff trained on all of the latest technologies, treatments, dental trends and most importantly patient care.  At the Bittner Family Dental Group it's so important to treat our patients with dignity and respect, as we would our favorite relative.  We pride ourselves on how we care for the most dental phobic of patients.  We strive to have all of our patients "love our office" and we can only do this acting as a team and with our patients best interest as our guide.

Thank you Lynn for sharing such a touching review, we truly appreciate the love.