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Providing you the best opportunity for dental health is our promise.

  • Improving your quality of life and longevity is our goal.
  • Your overall well-being, not just the specific dental problem that is immediately in front of us, is where we focus.
  • Your best interest is always our priority.
  • You are treated the way we would want you to treat us.
  • You will be presented with a treatment plan that includes your diagnosis and treatment options.
  • You own your treatment; we want you to make an informed decision, we will only proceed with treatment based on your positive consent.
  • Your treatment will include only the highest quality materials.
  • Because it’s all about your dental health, we’ve put the following care guidelines in place:

  • Before undertaking any procedure, whether cosmetic or restorative, we require a recent comprehensive dental exam be completed with supporting x-rays and cleaning to ensure an accurate diagnosis before any dentistry is started.
  • Based on our almost 50 years of continued dental experience, we have found and prescribe 3 dental cleanings a year. Based on your individual results you may be moved up or down in the frequency of the recommended cleanings.
  • At each cleaning we conduct perio-charting which provides us a better barometer of your overall dental health.
  • We treat the root cause (no pun intended) not the symptom.
  • There is no point of doing any cosmetic dentistry if you have any underlying health issues that without a comprehensive exam will go undetected and therefore untreated.
  • We take the most conservative means of improving your desired aesthetics.
  • We always treat your needs, never the insurance companies. Whether or not if insurance provides coverage, that will never change the need for your procedure.
  • Not everyone is created equal. What is appropriate for one patient may be inappropriate for another due to variety of factors such as socio-economic reasons, systematic health reasons not to mention extenuating dental and medical health reasons. When required we will take these variables into consideration to deliver a treatment plan that is best for your overall dental health.
  • Sometimes patients request a treatment that isn’t necessarily in their best interest. If this occurs we will inform you of the risks with the treatment you requested as well as the potential benefits of an alternative treatment plan. We will work with you to accommodate your desires, however, we will not do so if it puts your well-being at unnecessary risk.
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