Shoreh P., master ceramist, has spent the last 25 years specializing in the design and making of over 25,000 individual veneers.  That’s a whole lot of teeth!   

Shoreh works side-by-side with cosmetic dentist, Dr. Gerald Bittner, Jr. and together they create the beautiful smiles the Bittner Family Dental Group in San Jose is known.   Working with Shoreh’s onsite lab is an advantage for everyone: the patient, the dentist and the ceramist.  

  • The patient has the opportunity to express their desires to both the dentist and the ceramist. 
  • The in-office interaction between patient and ceramist , guarantees the most personalized smile for the patient.
  • The ceramist has real time input in creating the smile and ensuring the smile creation meets both the dentist's and patient’s expectations.

The end result, often called a smile makeover or smile design, is a "tailor made" smile that fits the patients face, lips and personality.  This is only possible because of the hands-on and personal interaction between the patient, Shoreh and Dr. Bittner.