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Prior to starting any dental work, you will be provided with a treatment plan detailing your options and the associated costs. Treatment could be as simple as scheduling regular cleaning intervals or involve multiple visits to address a long standing chronic condition every patient’s need is unique. If there are financial circumstances that require your treatments be broken up over time, we will provide you with those options as well as any associated risks. It is your decision and you are the one in control of what treatment is received and when.

For treatments that require multiple visits we ask that 50% of the patient portion payment to be made at time of scheduling and the balance at the first treatment appointment.

We recognize that dental work can be expensive and often times it is not an investment that has been planned or budgeted. We will work with you to find a financial arrangement that works; however, to preserve our relationship we require that all financial arrangements be made prior to the start of treatment to avoid any miscommunication or missed expectations.

Of course we accept all major credit cards and we can always help you apply for CareCredit which helps you pay for out-of-pocket healthcare expenses not covered by insurance. Please note, when payment is paid in full, at time of scheduling, prior to treatment and by cash or check a 5% discount will be applied.

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