Freedom Day USA

We are excited to announce that we are participating in Freedom Day USA again for our 5th year, a National Thank You Event for our Military and Veterans. On 10.11.19, we will be saying THANK YOU with free exams, cleanings … Continued

® Dentist in San Jose">Questions for an Invisalign® Dentist in San Jose

Invisalign has grown in popularity as a method of treatment for people with crooked teeth, and people often consider an Invisalign dentist because of all of the benefits that come along with using the treatment and the convenience of seeing … Continued

What is a Laser Dentistry Deep Cleaning?

Wanting some quality information on laser dentistry? Specifically how it can be used to clean your teeth? Great idea. Clean teeth are an essential part of you having a healthy mouth. When plaque and tartar build up on your teeth … Continued

Do Veneers Protect Teeth from Cavities?

Are you thinking about getting veneers and looking for a little more information about them? The more you understand about any cosmetic dental procedures you are thinking about getting, the higher your chances are of experiencing success with them. For … Continued

3 Good Options for Whitening Your Teeth at Home

Teeth Whitening Tooth whitening helps build your everyday confidence so that you can relate with others and it provides you with a bright smile. However, discoloration of teeth can be caused by stains on your enamel or by changes that … Continued

5 Reasons to Visit an Emergency Dentist Now

A dental emergency can strike at any time and with no warning. Perhaps a person is playing a game of touch football on Thanksgiving and a family member decides to up the ante and a tackle comes into play, accidentally … Continued

Are You at Risk: Cardiovascular Disease vs. Teeth & Gums

Is There A Link Between Cardiovascular Disease & Dental Health?There are many studies that have proven the link between cardiovascular disease and tartar and plaque in the teeth and gums.  Now there is a new study from the doctors at … Continued

Ask & You Shall Receive: The Sure Way to More $$$$

By Certifiably Kissable After 15 plus years working on Wall Street and five years managing all things financial for a California dental practice I’m still surprised how people leave “easy” money sitting on the table.  I’ve spoken to many patients … Continued

13 Secrets to Show Off Your Smile: A Selfie Refresher

By Certifiably Kissable There’s no better way to show off your smile than a selfie.  Because you work hard to keep your smile sparkling we thought it would be a great time for a selfie refresher. Above Your Head — Hold … Continued

Oil Pulling: The Secret to Preventing Tooth Decay

By Certifiably Kissable Oil Pulling has been in the news for the last few years as a natural way to prevent tooth decay.  We are all for natural and we are all for preventing tooth decay but we were a … Continued