How a Special Needs Dentist for Kids can Make Your Dental Visit Successful

Posted on: September 22, 2020

special needs dentist San Jose, CA

Parents are often anxious about taking their special needs child to the dentist; however, parents can rest assured that special needs dentists are equipped and trained to work with children who have special needs. Regardless of mental stability, all children need routine dental care, which is why some dentists further their careers by getting an education in behavioral management, sedation dentistry and pediatric care. 

Visiting a special needs dentist for a successful appointment

Below is an overview of how a special needs dentist can ensure a successful visit for your child. This information can be helpful to review when preparing a special needs child for their upcoming dental appointment.

What to expect

Parents should expect a very calm and positive experience for both themselves and their children. Special needs dentists work to ensure a successful visit that includes an examination, a quick cleaning and sometimes a few X-rays. They exert patience, friendliness and comfort so that children feel safe and secure during their visit. 

How a special needs dentist ensures success

Outlined below are a few ways that a special needs dentist works to ensure successful dental visits. While it may require more than the following practices to produce successful results, the following are a few general guidelines that may make the appointment run smoother. 

Behavior management

Special needs dentists practice behavior management, which focuses on the child's emotions. The dentist and supporting staff will work to interact positively and encourage good behavior throughout the appointment. Behavior management may consist of positive reinforcement, rewards and a lot of patience. Appointments may take longer; however, special needs dentists are committed to ensuring they provide the best care possible. 

Sedation dentistry

Sedation dentistry is used for a variety of reasons, even going beyond special needs care. However, it can be extra helpful in ensuring a successful appointment. Typically, a special needs dentist will recommend laughing gas, otherwise known as nitrous oxide, for children with special needs. Laughing gas helps relax the child so that they are not at nervous or fearful during the appointment. In traditional settings, laughing gas is used for procedures, such as fillings or deep cleanings. However, it is harmless when used in moderation, which is why it is a great resource for special needs children. 

Welcoming environment 

Another way that a special needs dentist ensures a successful appointment is by providing a welcoming environment. Special needs children, especially, respond better to a welcoming dental office environment. An office that has welcoming decor, such as stuffed animals, colorful paint, toys, etc. provides a safe space for children as these items are all relatable. When the environment is welcoming, the child is more likely to be cooperative during the appointment. 

Find out more today

When looking for further information about visiting a special needs dentist, it can be helpful to reach out. Any questions or concerns can be appropriately addressed, and a consultation can be scheduled to get started. 

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