The Secret to Your New Invisalign® Smile

Posted on: July 25, 2017


There are three things that make up an Invisalign® smile.  Invisalign®. 

Proven Invisalign® Technology

The first is the proven Invisalign® technology, which has successfully changed the smiles of over 2,000,000 people worldwide.  There is no question about it, Invisalign® works! 

Invisalign® Provider

The second is the experience of the Invisalign® provider.  At Bittner Family Dental Group we have successfully provided more than 1,000 of our patients with beautiful Invisalign® smiles.  We’ve invested in the latest technologies, including the iTero scanner, to provide Invisalign® with the highest precision digital scans.  Because of this digital technology, our patients receive the best aligner fit possible.   In addition, we provide our staff with hundreds of hours in Invisalign® training each year, allowing us the ability to offer our patients the newest in Invisalign technology..  We are truly investing in making your Invisalign® smile a reality.

Invisalign® Patient

The third and most important piece in achieving an Invisalign® smile is you, our patient.  Based on our experience we believe there are two things you must do in order to get your desired smile.  The first is wear your aligners, 20-22 hours per day.  The second is for you to have access to ask and get the right answers to any of your Invisalign® questions.

Like a three-legged stool, take any leg away and the stool will fall over.  We’ve invested in Invisalign® because we know it works.  We’ve invested in the technology and in our staff, we are proven to deliver.  We love our patients, and for you to be successful, you need the same level and quality of support that Invisalign® provides us.  Our commitment is to provide you with the support you need.  Working together, we know you’ll get the results you want, we’ve seen it over and over again.

Based on our experience, we’ve put together the “Invisalign® Smile Success Guide” to help you understand what you need to know and do, all for one common goal, getting you the smile you desire.

Invisalign® Smile Success Guide: What You Need to Know and Do

The Top 15 Ways to Get More from Invisalign®

  1. Wear your Invisalign® aligners 20-22 hours per day
  2. Only take your aligners out to eat, drink, brush and floss
  3. Properly wear and remove your aligners to help avoid damage to your aligners
  4. Only wear your aligners sequentially, do not skip aligners
  5. Insert aligners properly by starting with the front teeth and pushing with your fingers until they snap into place
  6. Remove aligners properly by starting with the back teeth peeling outward and away from the teeth
  7. When not being worn, always store your aligners in their case
  8. Brush your teeth and aligners after every snack, meal or drink (non-water)
  9. Clean your aligners with a soft toothbrush and Oxyfresh toothpaste
  10. Keep all of your scheduled appointments to keep your treatment on track
  11. SMILE!
  12. SMILE!
  13. SMILE!
  14. SMILE!
  15. SMILE!

The 19 Things You Need to Know About Your Invisalign® Treatment

  1. Always wear your current aligners to your appointments
  2. Skipping or accelerating aligners could cause teeth to move incorrectly and damage the roots
  3. Do not wear your aligners longer than 3 weeks
  4. Complimentary whitening will be provided when you make your regularly scheduled appointments
  5. “Biting” aligners in place may cause them to crack
  6. Your aligner number is imprinted on the molar area along with your Invisalign® ID number
  7. Pet’s love to chew on aligners, please don’t let your aligners be a chew toy
  8. Wrapping your aligner in a napkin during meals increases your odds of having your aligner thrown out
  9. There is a $150 charge per aligner for every replacement ordered
  10. Food trapped in the aligners may cause stains or cavities
  11. Keeping your aligners clean will help prevent plaque build-up
  12. Aligners are not meant for extreme heat, do not leave them in a hot car, they may warp
  13. Never boil or put your aligners under hot water, they will warp
  14. Any cancelled “aligner check” appointment must be rescheduled within 1 week to stay on schedule
  15. Upon completion of your Invisalign® treatment, you must wear a nightly retainer to keep your teeth from shifting back
  16. Invisalign® treatment expires 6 months after your estimated finish date
  17. At the conclusion of your treatment, if you do not wear your retainer and your teeth move back, re-treatment will most likely be required
  18. Re-treatment due to non-compliance will incur additional treatment fees
  19. If you have any questions, at any time, call us (408) 247-8080, we are here to help