Are You at Risk: Cardiovascular Disease vs. Teeth & Gums

Posted on: October 13, 2017

Is There A Link Between Cardiovascular Disease & Dental Health?

There are many studies that have proven the link between cardiovascular disease and tartar and plaque in the teeth and gums.  Now there is a new study from the doctors at the State University of New York at Buffalo that take this linkage a step further.  The key findings are:

  1. Periodontal disease puts you at twice the risk for a stroke as someone with good oral health
  2. The bacteria and toxins produced are thought to enter the bloodstream and causing clots to form more easily
  3. The clots block blood flow in the brain, the result… STROKE!

Solid home care coupled with the proper professional dental hygiene cleanings will not only keep your teeth and gums healthy but set you on the right path for a heart healthy lifestyle.  If you about your risk factors, please give the office a call (408) 247-8080 for an appointment and we can do a complete evaluation.